AutoCAD 3D

Pulpit rock
This course is for those who have a good understanding of 2D AutoCAD and who wish to learn the 3d features including surface, solid modeling & rendering.

The syllabus includes Introduction to 3D Modeling, Creating Solid Primitives, Mesh Primitives, Working in 3D, Introduction to Free-Form Design, Modeling Workflow, Creating Models from 2D Profiles, Using Booleans on Solid Models, Creating Composite Models, Extracting Geometry from Solid Models, Getting Information from 3D Objects, Editing Models, Adding Detail to Your Solid Models, Editing Solid Models, Manipulating the Model, Duplicating the Model, Converting 2D Objects, Basic Mesh Modeling, Sectioning a Model and Creating Drawings, Section a Solid Model and Generate 2D Geometry, Creating Drawings from 3D Models, Visualization, Using Visual Styles, Using Lights, Using Materials, Using the Sun, Rendering, Navigating the Model, Leveraging Cameras and Views.